Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Days 7 & 8

Days 7 & 8 have been a little rougher and more different in the recipes that I have made.  Yesterday, on day 7, I made homemade taco seasoning.  I doubled the recipe and probably have enough to be equal to 9 or 10 of the seasoning packets.  It was super easy and we tried it out immediately on our nachos.  They were really good, and had more flavor in the ground beef than what is normally there from the packets.  I also tried an idea I saw on a pin where you layer your chips, then lettuce, then tomatoes, then meat, then cheese, then sour cream and salsa.  This is so you eat more of the veggies and less of the fats.  I also made the nachos with lean ground beef so that there was even less fat in it.  Today's recipes were made for the kiddos lunches.  Both of them got peanut butter and jelly rollups that I found on a healthy lunches pin.  We have been using tortillas instead of bread for our lunches lately instead of bread and the kids have really seemed to be eating their lunches better.  B's lunch gets packed every day and Alyssa's gets packed every once in a while.  They both really seem to like the switch to tortillas and it is a slightly healthier choice than the white bread we were using previously.  It has been a really long day, but before I hop off here for the night, I need to name my first weekly winner.  The winner for February 1st - 7th is Susan. 

As a reminder, I am gonna have a cooking themed giveaway as well.  I will take all the comments during each week of February and use to generate a winner once a week, so the more you comment, the higher your chance of winning.  So, one entry per comment, one entry per person you send to the blog (they have to comment and let me know you sent them), one entry per follow (either Pinterest or the blog), and one entry per pin (just pin my blog on Pinterest and let me know in the comments section).  Hope everyone enjoys the month of fun new recipes. 

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  1. Haven't gotten to taste many of the ne recipes this past week but they sound yummy!!
    Btw... What do I win? LOL
    Love you! Glad you are having fun with ths!