Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 4 - Italian Crescent Casserole

What started out as a fun way to work myself up to the bigger challenge of cooking my way through a cookbook has turned into something much bigger for my family.  We have been trying new (and healthier) things to eat and spent more time together at our table than we have in a long time.  Having the meal planned out has also allowed me to clean the kitchen as things cook and save some money on groceries.  I am really enjoying this challenge and our children have started getting excited about what we are going to try new each day. 

On to today's new recipe from the wonderful world of Pinterest.  Tonight we had Italian Crescent Casserole, corn, and salad.  Here is the pin and the original recipe for the Italian Crescent Casserole.  I made two slight modifications to the recipe.  I did not put the Basil on it (I thought I had some and had run out) and instead of a cup of pasta sauce, I used a whole jar (I forgot to read how much).  Although I love sauce, it made the bottom crust a little soggy.  It was very good even with my two mistakes and both kids cleaned their plate again tonight.  I didn't take very many pictures tonight, but here is the finished product.

Tomorrow's recipes won't be for a full meal.  It is three different things that we are taking to a Super Bowl Party and a recipe for a smoothie tomorrow morning that I am planning on drinking after I work out. 

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