Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 3

Today it happened.  I was tired, cranky, and had too much on my plate.  I wanted to drop by a fast food joint for dinner so badly, but wanted to folow through on my challenge, so here it is.  The menu for tonight that I am absolutely stoked that I made.  We did have some leftover corn salad from last night and some broccoli as veggies, but the two new Pinterest recipes were Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken (less than 30 minutes from package to table and amazingly good) and 7-Up Biscuits.  I do realize that the Chicken doesn't sound like it would be good, but this may be my new favorite way to fix chicken.  I did do a little better at getting pictures tonight, so here they are.

 After tossing the garlic, olive oil, and brown sugar in the skillet to make the garlic tender, you pour it over the chicken.  The recipe calls for chicken breasts, but I use chicken tenders because they tend to be more moist and are also easier to get better serving sizes for kids.
 Flour and sour cream mixed together for the biscuits
 The biscuits before I put them in.  They would have been more uniform if I had rolled them out and cut them, but it worked really well to just do it with my hands.  It didn't change the cook time and was a whole lot less mess.
 The chicken after I had dipped David and B's plates.
 Finished biscuits.  They were so good and the size of my fist.
 Finished plate with the corn casserole.
Another view of my plate.  Not a lot of color, but when I put the broccoli on it was pretty.

I hope you are enjoying some of these recipes.  The biscuits took about 20 minutes total to make, and the chicken took about 30 minutes total.  I made the sauce for the chicken and poured it on the chicken and left it sitting while I mixed the biscuits.  Put the chicken in and then dropped the biscuits and put them in.  It was all done at the same time and the kids both ate their whole plateful.  Finished it off with some Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies that we ate while they were still warm and already got the kitchen cleaned up, too.  Definitely a good ending to a frustrating day.


  1. Sorry I missed it today. Looks good!!

  2. I LOVE the 7-up biscuits! They are so light and fluffy. The chicken will, I think, need to be added to my own list of Pinterest inspired dishes!