Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twice in a week!! It's a record!!

     What a day, and for once that isn't because of how trying it was.  Today brought a couple of calls that I had been waiting for, an opportunity that I had been hoping for (and the realization that it wasn't in the right format for me at this point), and enjoyed some family time watching "Heidi" (the one with Shirley Temple in it).  I finally heard from Fireboy B's ear doc about his surgery tomorrow and the ear plugs that he will need after it.  Not a huge deal, just tubes and a scope of his eardrums with a possibility of taking out the adenoids.  He has been having problems with ear infections and is kind of on the verge of hearing loss, so hopefully tomorrow will help take care of all of those issues.  I am honestly not real worried about the surgery, but if you are the praying type and would like to say a prayer for him, his surgery stuff starts at 8:30 am EST tomorrow (1/5).
     The opportunity that came to me today was to teach as an adjunct instructor for a local community college.  Unfortunately, this particular class was an early morning class two days a week and the location is at a high school 2 hours from my home.  It is a dual studies class, so it would have been neat to teach, but I am not in a place in my life right now to travel that far that much.  Gotta spend time with Prissy B and Fireboy while they are little and still like me.
     This looks like it is gonna be it for the night, Fireboy is wanting to snuggle tonight.  I will try to report tomorrow.

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