Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crisis at the table!!

So, I am having a slight  crisis this week.  Maybe a bit more than slight.  It hasn't been the greatest start to the new year, but I have really tried to keep a positive attitude going.  For the most part, I have actually been able to not get really down about things other than just a few moments here or there.  That is until tonight.  We are sitting at the table, eating dinner, and I happened to flip my hands over (palm side up).  Holy cow!!  There they are!!  That's right, just 4 days before my 31st birthday and I have wrinkly hands and fingers.  How can this be?!?  Now, I realize that this is not the biggest crisis going on today and probably makes me sound really vain (which I'm not!!), but for some reason it has devastated me.  Not "curl up in a ball and eat until you can eat no more" devastation, more like "oh my word I am getting old and soon I will too old to do stuff I want" devastation.  Again, I do realize how stupid this sounds, but I think this is the first time that I have really accepted the fact that I am getting older.  I like to think of myself as still a college kid, but obviously I am no longer able to go there. 

That brings me to my question.  When did it hit you that you are a grown up person with grown up responsibilities?  Am I the only one to have it hit this late?  I have 2 kids and a husband and a house and all those responsibilities, but it honestly hasn't hit me until I saw my wrinkly hands.  I will be ok, but I sure do feel differently.  Maybe I need to head to bed, it is after 7:30 pm here afterall.  LOL!!

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