Friday, January 27, 2012

Exciting News!!!

Well, January is quickly coming to an end.  It has been a very strange month in our house, but one that has gotten me thinking quite a bit.  One of the things that I have always wanted to do is cook my way through an entire cookbook (think Julie & Julia, but I had the idea a while ago).  I have been talking to my mom (bless her heart, she listens to my crazy ideas without judgement), and got the idea to cook my way through Pinterest.  I have been trying lots of new things that I find on there, so it just kinda seemed like a natural thing to do.  I am going to try desperately to blog my way through February cooking stuff I find on Pinterest (and hopefully remembering to take pictures as I go).  I will try to post a menu of what is coming up on Saturdays or Sundays ad my grocery list.  The goal is to cook at least one meal from Pinterest everyday.

I am gonna tie it in with a cooking themed giveaway as well.  I will take all the comments from the month of February and use to generate a winner once a week, so the more you comment, the higher your chance of winning.  So, one entry per comment, one entry per person you send to the blog (they have to comment and let me know you sent them), one entry per follow (either Pinterest or the blog), and one entry per pin (just pin my blog on Pinterest and let me know in the comments section).  Hope everyone enjoys the month of fun new recipes. 

So, what do you think of the idea?  Am I crazy? 

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