Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Beginnings

Lots of people make New Year's Resolutions. Even I have done so in the past. This year, I am starting with a new beginning. Starting tomorrow, I am going to start a program to read the Bible in 90 days. I know that I can't manage to keep a resolution for a year, but can normally manage to keep it for around 3 months. This is my first quarter goal. I am going to attempt to blog at least twice a week, once about what is going on in my life and once about how my 3 month challenge is going. We will see how this holds out for me. To start out, a little about me. I am almost 30 years old, married with 2 kids, working part-time at our church and running my own graphic design business. I have a BA in Sociology and will be finishing my MS in Criminal Justice this coming September. I am very involved in our church and I am probably a little more than obsessed with University of Tennessee Athletics. I am a huge Vols fan and one of the thrills of my year is playing in the Alumni Pep Band for Basketball games over the students' Christmas Break. I stay really busy with my kids, church activities, and work but I love to joke around and really hope that this will help me become more centered in my faith.

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  1. Ronda, it looks great!! And I love the title, "Coloring Outside the Lines!"