Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Musings

Well, what has been a long two weeks is coming to an end shortly. Tomorrow, Mr. B will be home after what has seemed like the longest two weeks ever. It started out okay, He left on Sunday, the 2nd, and the kids were to go back to school on Thursday, the 6th. I had a pep band game on Wednesday, the 5th, and drove in some crazy snow to the game. That snow got school out of session on Thursday and was supposed to get a lot worse on Friday. Now, before any of you living up North start cracking on the South, we don't have snow plows and such because we don't get a lot of snow and ice. Yes, you would have gone to school in our weather, but it got us out on Thursday. Keep in mind, my children have been out of school since December 17th, and they only went one day that week and two days the week before, so we are all a little stir crazy. Thursday, everything melted and it was looking okay, but they were calling for all sorts of ugliness on Friday. Schools got called off for Friday because of what was supposed to hit. (This is the only day that I will fuss about, because it didn't hit and it just rained all day) At this point, I hadn't been to work on Thursday, but worked a few hours on Friday because my Dad watched the kids for me. Then comes a weekend with the kids, followed by not 1, not 2, but 5 more days out of school because of the weather. That gets you to today.
Talked to Mr. B today and he got out of class early and was heading to the airport to try and get home tonight on standby seating instead of late tomorrow. I get excited, have my other dad come out and help me fix the garbage disposal, clean on the house some, etc., only to find out the flight he got on for tonight got cancelled due to mechanical issues. I am ok with that since I don't want him dead in the Tennessee River, and now he flies the first leg tonight, then staying at the USO in Chicago, then the second half tomorrow. Tomorrow is gonna be a big day and it will be great that he gets home early. Prissy B has a basketball game in the morning and team pictures, but I am not going to be there because I am playing for another basketball game, so he is hoping to be able to get to her game before it is over. My Mom and Dad are wonderful enough to take her to the game for me in the morning and drop her back off and my cousin is going to babysit Fireboy B and then Prissy B when she gets home if Mr. B isn't home yet. That pretty much sums up the past two weeks. Throw in a night out with some family, my oldest cousin turning 18, a few papers for grad school, and having to take off work all week this week and you have my life for the past couple weeks. It seems kinda crazy around here, but we make it okay. Looking forward to kids getting back in school and some kind of routine getting back to normal next week. Tomorrow I play for a doubleheader that is on ESPN, then on Sunday I have papers due and I am being ordained as a deacon at our church. Next week will hold lots of promise, I hope, and my arrival into middle age as well as keeping up on my reading for Bible in 90 Days. I will just be glad to be back to normal and have Mr. B home again. I will try to get some pics up tomorrow of the fun at UT, but if not, just know that it will be a Go Vols kinda day.

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