Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hello again!!

So, it has been a while since I last posted. As usual around here, life gets in the way. Between Prissy B and Fireboy B and the activities that Prissy B has been doing, and my work on my Masters Degree in Criminal Justice, it has just been crazy. We have had some great goings on here in the B house.

Mr. B just got a new job!! No more firehall shifts around here. A nice normal job, involving what he loves, just on the education side.

Prissy B has had a busy summer as well. She is playing T-Ball and doing incredibly well this year, has done theatre camp through her dance studio, hip-hop camp through the studio, and is doing summer dance as well. She will also be going to a church camp next weekend for 4 days (her first time doing that!!) and will do a dance camp with the high school the next weekend.

Fireboy B has been busy running back and forth to Prissy B's activities, and enjoying his summer. We are hoping he will be potty-trained soon (he is making pretty good progress on that), and he has loved practicing ball with Prissy.

The whole family participated in VBS at church earlier in the summer. Mr. B does the slide shows, I do the music, and the kids had a blast. This year, we decided to do the full musical that came with VBS, so that made for a pretty busy week. The kids we had did amazing!!!

I have had a pretty packed summer as well. I am still working at the church and loving it!! I also wrote my Thesis this summer and was insanely excited to get a 100 on it!! I have been working on a new church directory at church and last week started a new Story Hour for the children of our church and community. We have had a great turnout at our story hour, having 31 kids last week and 21 today. We had several new kids today, so next week may be our biggest group yet once some of our families get back from vacation.

Outside of all that, we have been really concentrating on spending more time as a family and I have been concentrating on making a little time each day for myself. I am doing a new Bible Study with some of the ladies at church, and it is really hitting home.

For now, I am going to go spend a little more time with everybody before it is bedtime for them. I leave you today with a special prayer request. Please pray for Aiden Gentry and his family. They have received some very devastating news this week. If you are interested in reading his story, go to

Hope to be back on here more since things are going to be getting a little less hectic.

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