Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Beginnings

Well, this is going to be a week of new beginnings for our family. Mr. B worked his last shift at the fire hall on Saturday, and begins a new job tomorrow. His new job will be a Monday - Friday 8-4:30 job (for the most part). This is a huge source of excitement for us since he hasn't been home at night consistently in 8 years. The kids are super excited and so am I.

Our new program at the church, Bookworms, went really well this week again, so I am very pleased with that. Prissy B is going to be doing another Hip-hop dance camp this week at the dance studio. She loved the one she did earlier this summer, so I am sure she is going to be super-excited about doing it again this week. She is also headed to church camp this weekend. She is super excited, and I am excited, but a little nervous for her. She will be gone for 4 days, the longest she has ever been gone that wasn't with family. I know she will have fun though, and she is growing so much in her faith right now that I think this will just open her eyes even more to the wonderfulness of God's love. Fireboy B will have me and Mr. B all to himself this weekend, so there is no telling what we will end up getting into.

I am amazed at how much the Bible study we are doing is affecting me. I continue to have a new peace surrounding me. It is amazing to me how just 20-30 minutes of dedicated time for me to read and commune with God each day is having such a huge impact on my life. I am finding myself to be easier on the kids, and I feel less irritated all the time. We are still busy, but I don't feel panicky about it anymore, and it seems to be easier to deal with when things pop up. I think I may be, slowly but surely, learning to let go of the control that I have felt that I needed for so long. I don't know how things will end up, but for now, I am loving the new feelings that God is bringing into my life.

Speaking of which, it is late, and I need to do my study and devotional for the night. Goodnight.

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